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“Eating Disorders From the Inside Out” Must Watch Video at the end!

Ted Talk with Dr Laura Hill

I absolutely love Ted talks but THIS…..

This one gave me chills! 

I encourage each and every one of you. If you have friends and/or family who can’t seem to understand what we go through… SHOW THEM THIS VIDEO. 

If YOU think there is something wrong with you or  feel shamed for having and Eating Disorder …WATCH THIS VIDEO THEN REWATCH IT. 

It’s all about education and breaking that stigma. As a health care provider in an emergency room I catch myself quite often “down playing ” my anorexia because I spend my days taking care of real “sick people.” Specifically , people that don’t choose to be sick . I am just as guilty for the stigma as everyone else and I have trying very hard to reframe my thinking . 

We often say “you wouldn’t tell someone with diabetes to just get over it” SOO NOO, I can’t just eat .  

 Like diabetes. Like Cancer. No one wakes up and says “I want to have an eating disorder when I grow up.” If that were the case we would snap our fingers and BOOM!! Recovered . If it were only that easy right ? The only thing we get to choose is whether or not we give up.  

Dr Laura Hill does an amazing job comparing Eating Disorders to other diseases to help others better understand. She talks about the voices in our head while we eat , while we weight restore .